//Carpooling for Corporates. Why it makes sense!

Carpooling for Corporates. Why it makes sense!

Social responsibility programs for corporates have taken off in a big way across the world and even right here in India. It can be tough to figure out which programs make the most sense for the businesses brand name while still providing value to employees. Carpooling and ridesharing is an easy, cost-effective way for corporates to make a real difference without affecting their bottom-line

Cut the commute

Carpooling allows for multiple people to get into one car to reach their destination. This directly contributes to less vehicles on the road which leads to less time wasted in transit to work or back. This means that your employees have more time to work and more time to rest once they are done with work. It’s a win-win situation for employee and employers.

Curbing Carbon

Having less vehicles on the road means a direct reduction in the amount of carbon emitted. You shouldn’t be surprised to know that it is costing the Indian economy almost 210 Billion dollars every year according to a recent study. Not only does ridesharing help the environment it can also affect your bottom line in many different ways.

Promote Punctuality

A carpool has the added benefit of helping employees be mindful of their login and logout times. Since they are depending on each other to be on time they will be more inclined to be on time for their pickup. This can also help build trust amongst employees who work in the same team and on the same goals.

Reduce Parking Space

Employees coming in to work in shared cars means that there is less need for extra parking space or to provide parking for everyone. Companies stand to win because they can rent out this parking space to other companies in the vicinity.

Safety in Numbers

Sharing a ride colleagues can help your employees feel safer than riding in a cab. There is safety in numbers and even women feel more comfortable taking cabs when they are sharing it with someone that they know.

Carpooling or ride sharing is a great way for any company to do its bit for social responsibility while also helping their employees save time and money spent traveling. Applications such as Quick Ride help to make it easier to connect users across the country in a safe and convenient manner. So, when do you plan to get your company on the carpool track?