//Five Ways to be more Eco-friendly

Five Ways to be more Eco-friendly

Have you felt the need to do more for the environment and fauna and flora around you? The issue everyone runs into is that they don’t know where to start. Being eco-friendly can be tough if you are unable to get the right kind of information. Another issue that comes up is, why must we do anything when there are bigger corporations that pollute way more than we do? Well, as a wise man once said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Here’s our shot at giving you a few easy ways to help the environment and work towards being more eco-friendly.


You are sure to see brightly coloured recycle bins around any city, malls, hotels or even at your offices and that is because recycling can really make a huge difference to the environment. In India we create over 9 million tonnes of plastic waste a year and we recycle around 60% of it, which is great, but we need to more especially considering how much we rely on plastics. So remember, recycle!


Pet bottles are a pet favourite for a lot of us considering our consumption of juices, sodas, water, etc. These bottles can be used and reused, within reason, and help reduce waste that we produce. It’s an easy and simple way to be more environmentally conscious that doesn’t require us to do a lot. The same goes for plastic bags or plastic food containers that can be reused rather than be discard after our trip back from the supermarket or restaurant.

Reduce water waste

Do you really need to spend 10 minutes in the shower? Water shortages have already affected many parts of our country and some states have experienced a drought at some point or the other in the past. Do the right thing by spending less time in the shower and making sure you tightly close all taps to prevent water being wasted. Another great idea for a homeowner is to install water harvesting systems to make use of seasonal rains.

Alternate ways to commute

One of the biggest contributors towards air pollution has to be our usage of air and land travel. We can reduce carbon emissions by trying to find alternate modes of transport such as cycling to work, carpooling with colleagues and friends and flying only when really needed. Carpooling is an easy way that you can contribute to being environmentally friendly. The Quick Ride can help you find a ride anywhere in seven major cities that we are available in. You can utilize Quick Ride for intercity and even interstate trips to further reduce your carbon footprint.

Pass on the message

Getting the word out about eco-friendly and environmentally conscious habits can make a huge difference. The more people that know about these options that better since all of contributing together is the best way to save the planet. Share with them what you have learnt, share a ride, share your lunch! Do something!

Being environmentally conscious doesn’t have to be a chore, as we have showcased above there are many simple ways we can contribute to healing nature. Let’s do our bit and make it a point to be more conscious about all the things we do to make the world a cleaner, greener and more vibrant place for ourselves and future generations.