//Formula of speed

Formula of speed

‎#Galileo defined speed as the distance covered per unit of time.

I think at the time of inventing the formula of speed Galileo was not aware of the traffic that would haunt the mankind in the future days. Or at least he believed that it will not be an influencing parameter but it has become one now. According to statisticsthe average speed of vehicles has fallen down by 30% in past ten years.

In 2014 the transport ministry set the speed limits for cars and bikes as 100 and 80 kmph respectively. But the local authorities did not find them feasible for the city roads and hence different speed limits were set for city, expressways, ring roads etc. In Bangalore these limits are set to 50 kmph for LMV and 40 kmph for HMV.

But the question is that are we able to drive at these speed limits? The answer is NO. Huge number of vehicles getting added on Bangalore roads, deteriorating road conditions and poor vigilance by the traffic department has added up to the chaos and hence has reduced the commuting speed. As the travel time is increasing commuting is becoming more and more exhaustive and the productivity of people is getting hampered. So, it becomes an individual’s responsibility to try an increase the commuting speed by doing something about it. But how?

#Carpooling, #ride sharing and #taxi sharing are the need of the hour.

Finally beingan engineering professional I respect Galileo and owe to make his formula stable.

Let’s start ride sharing and thereby increase the speed of commuting and our productivity. This way we can give something back to environment which will be our gift to the next generation. Let us be role models for the coming generation, guiding them to live in harmony with Mother Nature.

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