//Make Commuting Fun!

Make Commuting Fun!

Being stuck at Silk board junction, Tin Factory or Marathahalli Bridge isn’t anyone’s idea of fun. Unfortunately most people living in Bengaluru and other metros in the country end up spending a lot of time stuck in traffic on a daily basis. Other than complaining about the traffic what are some other ways that we can make commuting fun?

Read some books

No, no, we don’t actually want you to pull out a book and start reading! Make use of audiobooks or podcasts to keep up on the latest happenings in your field. Podcasts are a great way to catch up on the news and events that you are interested in. Podcasts by authors and journalists such as Malcolm Gladwell, Joe Rogan and others are a treasure trove of knowledge and learning.

Cycle to work

Do you live close by your workplace? Then cycling is a great way to get some exercise and get moving before your day even starts! Cycling can help reduce blood pressure, improve blood flow and improves coordination and energy levels. This little change to your daily routine can help you earn lifelong health benefits.

Play some music

Music is a great way to destress and can help you relax. Listen to music that you enjoy or try out a different genre every week. With online music services you can just start streaming an album or curated radio channel and enjoy the rest of the ride. Set the tone for your work day by listening to some upbeat music!

Carpool to work

Is it any wonder that we would recommend carpooling as an option to make commuting fun? It should be, considering we provide an easy way to for everyone to carpool. Sharing rides with working professionals on a daily basis can keep rides interesting while also helping you cut down on travel costs. Riding with others also means there will be less vehicles on the roads leading to faster commute times for everyone. What’s not to like? Get carpooling with Quick Ride!