//Auto Confirm Feature helps to confirm ride instantly
Auto Confirm feature

Auto Confirm Feature helps to confirm ride instantly

You have posted a ride and looking for ride takers or ride givers. You select the riders based on various parameters and send the invite. Now you are waiting to get confirmation, continuously staring your screen, sending request to others, checking request status, overall feeling anxious. It might be your daily ordeal to find the carpools.

We’ve recently launched a new feature, Auto Confirm which eliminates every worry of getting the confirmed ride. Yes you heard it right. It allows you to instantly confirm the ride with rider takers/givers on your route. No waiting, No anxiety. Right?

How it works

Let’s take an example of Amar and Revathy, rider giver and ride taker respectively. They both carpool together frequently and hence, have marked each other favourite. Revathy enables the Auto confirm feature on the app and selects Auto Confirm rides from her favorites. Now, whenever Revathy posts a ride as per her usual time, she will not have to wait for a confirmation from Amar. System will automatically confirms the ride and would send a confirmation notification to both of them. Saves time and energy 🙂

Steps to enable auto confirm

How to Enable Auto Confirm
Go to Setting > Ride > Auto Confirm rides. You can choose with whom your ride should get auto confirmed.

You can choose one of the following options

auto confirm preference
  • All – It confirms ride with everyone who are going by your route
  • Any Verified Users – Confirms the ride with only verified users on the same route
  • Favourite Partners – Confirms among your marked favourite users. Note – Whenever ride gets completed, you have a option to mark that ride taker/giver to your favourites
  • None – No Auto Confirm ride with anyone.
The Default setting is Auto confirm with Favorite partners. You can change it under settings.
auto confirm feature matching settings

In addition, you can choose the matching % as a ride giver/ taker and time range.

How to add a Favourite ride partner

Go to Menu -> Settings -> Favourites -> Ride Partners and then tap on + icon at the bottom right corner, choose the ride partner from the list and add.

It’s actually very unique and usable feature for daily use.

Please try this new feature and let us know what you think about it. We will improve based on your valuable feedback.

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