//Parking space crunch

Parking space crunch

Rapid growth of vehicles in Bangalore is leading us towards an enormous parking crunch. With rapid boom in the IT sector, packed public transport, increasing disposable cash and unplanned infrastructure we are witnessing lack of organized parking spaces. Ratio of number of 2 wheelers and four wheelers with the available parking space is witnessing a huge gap.

Bengaluru’s road network has increased only by fewkilometers in the last decade, but its vehicle population has more than doubled. Hence, Bangalore is now standing first in south India with highest vehicle population.

MLCP (Multi level car parking) construction in major IT parks, mallsetc.are not easing the parking issues in the city. Also, haphazardly parked vehicles, protruding on the roads has become a common site that in turn leads to traffic issues. Empty plots are being hired by corporates to fulfill the parking needs of the employees but their struggle becomes difficult during rainy seasons as everyone travels by cars during monsoons.

Situation in residential areas is also not that good. A recent study has mentioned that 90 percent households in Bangalore do not have a parking space in their houses and are forced to park their vehicles on roads and footpaths. All thanks to the owners of the buildings who without a second thought keep building floors over floors to earn hefty rent, without thinking about the parking space.

In recent times the number of illegal parking as well as parking in ‘no parking’ area cases in Bangalore are on a rise but, the vehicle owners alone cannot be blamed for this. They are ready to pay for a safe and legal parking spot but there is no availability of the same. Moreover, average time spent on looking for a parking spot is 20 minutes which is again a bad news for the vehicles owners.

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