//Public Transport Public Nuisance

Public Transport Public Nuisance

Public transport systems across the country are in shambles. The connectivity leaves a lot to be desired while the condition of the vehicles used is generally very dismal even though travel rates keep being increased regularly. Let’s take a look at the issues that public transport users have to deal with on a regular basis and if there is an alternative that might work better.

Irregular Timings

Can you set your watch by the time your morning bus or train arrives? I highly doubt it unless you’re lucky enough to take the metro. Most forms of public transport have to deal with traffic jams, mismanagement of traffic or just lax drivers and conductors who aren’t too bothered with being late and making you wait!

Unruly Passengers

Do you patiently wait for everyone to get off before boarding the bus or metro? Then you’re a saint! Most people tend to only think about themselves and try to barge their way into and out of public transportation without a care in the world. This includes pushing, kicking and elbowing their way through anyone who stands in the way including you.

Public Transport
Unruly Passengers

Living Dangerously

Can’t wait to get home after a long day at work and notice that the bus you have to take home is so full that people are almost falling out? Clinging for dear life and standing on the footboard is definitely not good for your health or for that of others! Unfortunately, this is just one of the drawbacks of public transport systems in our country.

Long Journeys

Since buses and trains cover a long distance there’s a good chance that even a journey of 10 kilometers might take up to 40 mins to an hour depending on traffic. Anyone who has sat through traffic at Silk Board will know that exact feeling of helplessness when sitting and waiting for the bus to move a meter ahead. It’s not a fun way to end your day!

If you’ve ever traveled around your town in public transport you know that the above aren’t the only issues plaguing the system. Aren’t there more efficient and painless way to get around town? Why not be a part of the solution by sharing a ride through Quick Ride?