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intercity travel

Carpooling for Intercity/Interstate Travel

If you’re on here reading this blog you already know how awesome carpooling for your daily commute is. Along with the benefits of a comfortable, less congested travel, you also get the added benefits of networking and saving money. But, have you ever thought about carpooling for longer journeys? Maybe on the weekend, you plan…

Air pollution

Air Pollution – What you need to know!

Pollution, it’s a reality of the world we all live in. Some places have it worse than others but we all deal with inhaling noxious fumes, noisy residential or work locations and even light pollution that makes it hard to sleep. Let’s focus on one of the most pressing issues that reduce the quality of…


Real Users Real Opinions

You’re used to hearing from us talking about carpooling and ridesharing but what about hearing from our users? We rely on feedback from you to improve the services we provide. Tell us what you like, what you dislike or even about the best carpool trip that you’ve booked through us. First up is Vinay Kumar…