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Air pollution

Air Pollution – What you need to know!

Pollution, it’s a reality of the world we all live in. Some places have it worse than others but we all deal with inhaling noxious fumes, noisy residential or work locations and even light pollution that makes it hard to sleep. Let’s focus on one of the most pressing issues that reduce the quality of…


Can ride-sharing really be a way forward for Enterprise Transportation?

In most Indian metros, large employers have employee transportation among their three largest expenses. A typical large corporate’s employees travel using a combination of personal vehicles, company provided shuttle/bus services and paid taxi services, and by other modes including public transportation. Transportation costs have a direct bearing on bottom-line, while transport facilities directly affect employee…

All in mind

From carpooling to Ride sharing: technology is no more the bottleneck, mindset is

Ever heard of Carpooling? Bet you have – and mostly not so great things about it! In its original form – carpooling used to be a tedious, inflexible and often arduous exercise among participants. You needed to start and stop at same or close-by points. You needed to co-ordinate by some divine method of guessing…