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Public Transport Public Nuisance

Public transport systems across the country are in shambles. The connectivity leaves a lot to be desired while the condition of the vehicles used is generally very dismal even though travel rates keep being increased regularly. Let’s take a look at the issues that public transport users have to deal with on a regular basis…


Can ride-sharing really be a way forward for Enterprise Transportation?

In most Indian metros, large employers have employee transportation among their three largest expenses. A typical large corporate’s employees travel using a combination of personal vehicles, company provided shuttle/bus services and paid taxi services, and by other modes including public transportation. Transportation costs have a direct bearing on bottom-line, while transport facilities directly affect employee…

All in mind

From carpooling to Ride sharing: technology is no more the bottleneck, mindset is

Ever heard of Carpooling? Bet you have – and mostly not so great things about it! In its original form – carpooling used to be a tedious, inflexible and often arduous exercise among participants. You needed to start and stop at same or close-by points. You needed to co-ordinate by some divine method of guessing…