//Voice Notifications Help Keep Your Eyes on the Road!

Voice Notifications Help Keep Your Eyes on the Road!

We know that driving anywhere in our country can be quite an adventure. Navigating the maze of roads, potholes, buses, bikes and people, takes a lot of expertise and skill. Maps and GPS make a huge difference in providing us with insight and proper routing to get where we need to be. Sometimes, we also get helpful notifications telling us the roads that have choked up or that traffic is standstill at a certain junction. Well, the Quick Ride app has a nice feature that can provide you with timely guidance to make carpooling easier for you.

Step in Voice Notifications

Yes, the Quick Ride application provides you with simple voice notifications to give you a heads up about a few things that can be useful to the carpooler in you.

First off, the app reminds you that your ride has to start shortly. This can be a boon for busy bees who get caught up with last minute work or even a bit of chat with office mates before leaving.

Secondly, the app voices its concern for your safety. The simple voice prompt to buckle up is a gentle reminder to help you remain safe when on the road. It’s a great way to also make sure that the ride taker travelling with you does the same.

Third the app notifies the ride giver with information about the ride taker. It will let you know when the ride taker is going to reach the pick-up point. This will allow you to plan your trip in such a way that neither of you will have to spend time waiting for each other.

Lastly, have you had app notification sounds go off when riding? Of course being a responsible driver you won’t reach for your phone to check it. To help you out the Quick Ride app can provide a voice notification announcing that a ride taker has joined or left your ride. This alert helps to provide the information you need to plan your next stop accordingly.

Voice notifications in the Quick Ride application are very useful to riders who take their driving and safety seriously. Turning it on is a simple matter of entering the Quick Ride settings menu and then choosing the notification setting and scrolling to the Voice Notification and clicking on it to turn it on. Before you ask, yes, you can turn the voice notifications off at any time by following the same process.