Ride Takers

Do you prefer to travel stress free when you head to work or back? Unfortunately public transport isn't always reliable and there's also the issue of being on time to work. In these situation Quick Ride can definitely help you out by helping you find a carpool that suits your needs.

Being able to easily find a form of transport, be it bike or car, is very easy to do with our app. The Quick Ride app effortlessly matches you with people who are offering rides on your route and helps you connect with them in seconds and you can join them at a time that works out for the both of you. You can easily see the route that the rider taker is going on and meet them accordingly.

Ride takers can easily verify the ride providers profile and also check feedback and ratings provided to them by other users on our platform. Finding a ride has never been easier or more economical for users across India's metro cities. Get carpooling today and find the rides that work best for you.