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Are these your daily commuting hassles?
  • Stuck in a Crowded Bus, Auto Denial, or Unreliable Taxi?
  • Driving alone in traffic is stressful and you are losing the fun of driving?
  • Caught between costly airport taxi vs. time-consuming public transport?
  • Feel "Save Planet" has been reduced to a mere slogan?
Quick Ride is a hassle-free end-to-end automated ride sharing system, that brings you:
  • Comfort of a car at the cost of bus-rides
  • Fun back to your rides
  • Expense reduction of up to 80% via sharing of empty seats
  • Greener planet with reduced vehicles on roads
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Verified Users for Secure & Safe Rides

Verified Users for Secure and Safe Rides

A user is taken through verification steps (such as phone number and email verification) while registering. A seamless integration with user’s professional and social online presence for transparency is also maintained.

It creates trust between users and resolves security issues.

Now, make an informed choice via comprehensive authentication of other users.

Instant and Scheduled Rides

Instant and Scheduled Rides

Quick Ride connects commuters travelling in the same direction in real-time andschedules the rides instantly for an immediate ride, or even well in advance for upcoming rides. You can also view the users going in the same direction and connect.

Be a part of fast growing carpool network.

Live Tracking & Group Chat

Live Tracking & Group Chat

Quick Ride provides real-time location and status of ride participants on live map. Group chat for easy coordination.

No disturbing phone calls to fellow ride participants to ascertain their whereabouts.

Automated Payment of Riders

Billing and payment is completely automated. Points get electronically transferred between accounts.

Cost calculation is given before joining a ride.

No more awkward cash transactions between users.

Easy Encashment of Points

Quick Ride has partnered with petrol companies. Points accumulated can be en-cashedat petrol pumps using the 'QuickRide Petro Card'.

Now, flaunt your petro card for free fuel refills.


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