//Real Users Real Opinions

Real Users Real Opinions

You’re used to hearing from us talking about carpooling and ridesharing but what about hearing from our users? We rely on feedback from you to improve the services we provide. Tell us what you like, what you dislike or even about the best carpool trip that you’ve booked through us.

First up is Vinay Kumar who works at Tech Mahindra. He’s been busy on our platform and has completed over 450 rides. Here’s what he has to say:

vinQuick Ride is an excellent initiative to combat city traffic, specifically Bengaluru has grown exponentially in vehicular population in the last decade.  Quick ride not only reduces vehicle numbers but also provides a platform for social and cultural exchange between different people from different parts of India.

I am using quick ride for more than a year now which shares my fuel cost and provides me an opportunity to know different cultures of our people. I strongly recommend people to use this platform to contribute to our environment and help reduce pollution.

Next up to bat is Rounak Bhartia who works with NTT Data Services and uses his bike for commuting and offering rides.

rauMy idea of carpooling is pretty simple – to reduce the horrendous traffic of Bengaluru. A lot has already been written and said about the traffic here in the past 5-6 years, but not much has been done to improve this condition. While, these people have come out with this amazing app, the peer-to-peer business model of Quick-ride has already become a huge hit.

This is a great experience where we can meet new people and make new friends, it benefits everyone in saving travel cost, avoiding traffic congestion & reducing carbon footprint. Kudos to the entire team!! I would highly recommend this app to each and every one out there.

And finally we have Pradyot Mandal who works at Accenture and has been taking rides on our platform over the last few months

prI have been using Quick Ride for my daily commute to work. Very convenient and economical while also being a great platform for networking for IT professionals like us. Kudos to the Quick Ride team.

Last but not least is Pritam who works at Capgemini. Here’s a short video about his experiences with fellow ride takers chipping in!

If there’s something we love more than connecting people it’s listening to them. A lot of the features and services we provide have evolved from our conversations with you. Your feedback is important to us as it gives us a real way to know what we need to do to improve, grow and provide you with the best carpooling app in the world! Get in touch with us by writing in to support@quickride.in.