Our Mission is to remove 1 Million
Cars from the Roads, Everyday

Our Story

Started in 2015, bootstrapped by KNM Rao

The inspiration came from severe parking crunch we faced at our offices. While at the
same a number of people would wait at the reception to get the company cab home. A
number of employees were also travelling to and fro the same route or destination, but
were hesitant to offer rides. It was then, that the idea struck us, to develop a
fully automated way for employees to carpool.

What We Do

Aims to provide quick, simple, secure and cashless way to travel

The team at Quick Ride is an energetic, young and socially conscious group that is
working hand in hand with you to solve the problems of traffic congestion, increased
transit times and reducing air pollution.

A Multi-Disciplinary Team


Founder & CEO


Co-Founder & CTO


Co-Founder & Head - Design

Vishal Lavti

Co-Founder, VP - Engineering & Customer Success


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