For Ride Givers

Why drive alone when you can share your office commute with verified professionals and save ₹12,000/m

Benefits for Ride Giver

Quick Ride makes it easy for you share your ride with ride takers who are headed
the same place you are.

Carpool Customize Solution

Save on commute

Driving with empty seats, offer a ride and share your travel costs with verified professionals

Carpool Happier Employees

Network on the go

Grow your network organically by meeting amazing new people daily through carpool

Carpool Carbon Footprints

Reduced Traffic

Carpooling could reduce congestion by a factor of three while still serving the same number of people.

Carpool App, User Testiminoals
Carpool App, User Testiminoals
Carpool App, User Testiminoals
Carpool App, User Testiminoals

How to Offer Ride

Simply provide us with the details of your vehicle. After submission, you can offer rides by entering your start & end location.

You will see ride takers going in the same direction. Accordingly, you may then invite them basis your selection.

Carpool Etiquette

We foster carpooling culture for best experience to everyone. It's always
mandatory to follow specified etiquettes

Exclusive Offers & Rewards

Share ride with us and get exclusive benefits from our quality partners on insurance, travel and car care


Top FAQ's of Ride Givers

After offering a ride, you get all possible matches of ride seekers who want to travel in the same route(partially or completely) at the same time mentioned by you. You can invite the ride and the ride seeker might choose to accept or reject it.

Surely! Why not? This app has been designed keeping in mind today’s corporate lifestyle. It works in real time considering the options at that particular instant. You can offer a ride whenever you want to travel and also change the time if required. The system will show all possible ride seekers travelling from or on the way to your destination at the time you have mentioned. You can choose your co-rider accordingly.

Such situations are quite common and we understand, so do your co-riders. In such situations, you can cancel the ride, at the earliest. Quick ride has a dynamic system and the ride seekers will automatically be matched with other riders available. Please cancel the ride at least an hour prior to the scheduled ride.

The live tracking page is displayed on the map. It shows all the ride participants and their exact locations at any given point of time. You can use group chat option to chat with all the co-riders and coordinate the location. You can also directly call them on their phone number.
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