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It is the most reliable way to schedule and get a confirmed Taxi to your Office or back home with your fellow colleagues.
The Taxi details will be shared 30 mins prior to the Pick up time.

It is Door to Door confirmed scheduled Rides along with verified co-Riders with Min deviation; it also helps you save upto 50% on each ride.

Select your route
Select the Start and End location along with the time you want to schedule your ride.
Join Existing or Create New Taxipool
If there is already an existing Taxipool on your route at the same time, Join.
If there is no existing Taxipool, you can create one yourself by choosing from 2, 3 or 4 sharing options for your route and Time.
Quick Ride intelligent algorithm takes care of the min deviation that can happen for a faster & convenient travel for all.
Taxipool gets confirmed 30 mins prior to your scheduled time
When the Taxipool gets the required Co-riders, it gets confirmed and Driver details are shared 30 mins prior to the scheduled time.
Ride and Save upto 50% on each ride
The driver picks and drops each user from its mentioned location and Ride amount gets deducted after completion of ride with No hassle to pay to the Driver.

One can Register for Taxipool from the same Quick Ride app.

The initial points can be used for either taking a Carpool or Taxipool ride with Quick Ride.

Taxipool is a scheduled Ride which is confirmed when the required number of people joins. The Driver details are shared 30 mins prior to your scheduled time. So booking a pool instantly is not an option currently

First of all, check if there is an existing Taxipool on your route; if yes prefer joining the same. If the current ones are not good or no Taxipool available, Create your own Taxipool with 2,3 or 4 sharing options. Click Create and Join.
We recommend choosing the option carefully as the Taxipool is confirmed only when the required number of people join the Taxipool.

Once you have created a Taxipool you can share the taxipool ride with your friends so if they are going on the same route at that time, they can join your Taxipool only.

If there are already existing Taxipool on your route, select the same which is best suited for you. If not, you can create one for yourself and invite others to the same.

You can choose to create 2,3 or 4 sharing Taxipool in addition to choosing an exclusive Taxi. It is the number of people joining the Taxipool. It helps you save more with more sharing.
Please note that if you choose 2 sharing Taxipool, it will get confirmed with 2 people joining while 3 sharing gets confirmed when 3 people join the same. We recommend 3 sharing Taxipool for an economical and time saving ride.
1 Exclusive Taxi: Book and travel instantly
2 sharing: Save more on time
3 sharing: Value for money and time
4 sharing: Most economical option along with friends

All users of Quick Ride are verified Corporate professionals so Sit back and Relax to have a confirmed ride to your office or home with corporate colleagues.

We believe in Sharing and Saving the environment hence the ride gets confirmed only when the chosen number of people joins the Taxipool. In case your co-riders do not join, the same will be cancelled and you can book a new option.

The Driver and Car details are shared with you. Feel free to call the Driver for your exact pick up points.

A Taxipool can be created or joined only 1 hr or more, prior to the scheduled pick up time.

All payments are done online only, Your Taxipool will have co-riders going in the same direction and the amount for your ride is calcuclated in advance and shown to you before you join the ride.

All payments shown to you in the app includes all add on, Toll taxi and service tax. No need to pay anything extra than what you see as your Ride share.

You can cancel the existing Carpool before it is confirmed. In case your flight is delayed, Cancel existing and Book new.

In case something very urgent has come up, we do allow Cancellation. Use the cancel button to cancel the existing Taxipool.
But we recommend doing it within time or else it attracts a cancellation fee to avoid hassle to already confirmed co-riders

Yes, in case you cancel a ride after being confirmed, there is a cancellation fee so convenience of other joined riders is maintained:
1. After confirmation, we charge a 25% cancellation fee of the total fare.
2. After the Taxi is alloted, there is a 100% cancellation fee on the same.

Payments are done via your linked Digital wallets. No cash payments are allowed.
To join a Ride, Link your preferred Digital wallet from various available options in Quick Ride. At the end of ride, the fare of the ride is deducted from the same for a hassle free drop.

Welcome to a convenient ride. No Surge or Time charge.
The fare of the ride varies on 2 parameters:
1. Distance (km) travelled by you
2. Sharing option (2,3 or 4 sharing) chosen for Taxipool
You will be charged only on the basis of the Km travelled by you in the Taxi. There will be no Surge charge or time charge in Taxipool. The sharing cost of the ride also varies if you had chosen 2, 3 or 4 sharing. We recommend choosing 3 sharing Taxipool for an economical and time saving ride.

Yes, you will receive the invoice for all your rides with Quick RIde. You can check the same for your past rides also anytime in the app.

No cash payments are allowed.

You pay nothing to the Driver directly. Your fare includes all charges for the ride, in case of Toll charges for Airport rides, that is also included in the fare. The ride amount will be deducted automatically at the end of the ride from your linked Digital wallet.

Quick Ride verifies each user by sending an OTP on their corporate email id. We also want to share that we do follow specific steps to onboard a new company on our platform. If your company is already added with Quick Ride, you can input the 4 digit OTP in your Profile section to verify your corporate mail id.
If the company is not registered, please wait for 24hrs so we can verify the company and onboard them. Once done, you will receive the OTP.

Quick Ride is the Largest Carpooling community in India used by more than 3.5 Million+ Corporate professionals. So rest assured that your co-riders will be verified Corporate professionals which also helps build your social network.
In addition, you can share your Ride locations with your known ones by putting it as an Emergency contact number. This helps in sending an alert and your live locations to them in case of any emergency. The same is tracked by our customer support team also.

Please contact the customer care in such cases and we assure you to help in real time.

Quick Ride keep running new offers for its users on timely basis. Do check My offer section for the same.