Verified users for secure and safe rides

User is taken through verification steps while registering, such as phone number and email verification. Seamless integration with user’s professional and social online presence for transparency.

It creates trust between users and resolves security issues.

Now, make an informed choice by comprehensive authentication of other users.

Instant and Scheduled Rides

Quick Ride connects the commuters travelling in the same direction in real time. Schedule the rides instantly for an immediate ride or well in advance for upcoming rides. View the users going in the same direction and connect.

Be part of fast growing carpool network.

Live Tracking & Group Chat

Quick Ride provides real time location and status of Ride participants on live map. Group chat for easy coordination.

No disturbing phone calls to fellow ride participants to know their whereabouts.

Automated Payment of riders

Billing and Payment is completely automated. Points get electronically transferred among accounts.

Cost estimation before the beginning of the ride. Automated tracking of distance travelled, and error free billing process.

No more awkward cash transactions between the users.

Easy encashment of your points

Quick Ride has partnered with Petrol Companies. Points accumulated can be en-cashed in petrol pumps using 'Quick Ride Petro Card'.

Now, flaunt your petro card for free fuel refills.

Set your start and end locations for new rides that get created when you receive invites by contact

When you have not yet created a ride and you receive an invite from other users using your contact, you can set your start and end locations before creating the ride. This ensures you get billed only for the distance that you shared with the ride-giver.

Share rides with not just your colleagues but also with users from other peer group companies

If your company has configured its trust level for other companies, along with your colleagues, you may also configure to show matched users from those trusted companies.

Option to specify ride-specific promo codes

Before creating a ride, if you have any relevant promo-code, you can apply it and make use of its benefits.

Other minor changes

1. Max fare limit is increased: Now riders can set fare up to Rs.6/km

2. Expiry of free ride offer: Free ride offer will be valid only for 15 days after registration

3. Network optimization: Removed few unnecessary network calls

4. Bug fixes

Ride sharing app recharge and redeem features - Now you can reedem to paytm, HP petrol card, Shell petrol card and Indian oil petrol card

Recharge: You can Recharge Quick Ride Account directly using

  • 1. Net banking
  • 2. Credit card
  • 3. Debit card
  • 4. PayTM Wallet and
  • 5. PayU Wallet

Redemption/Encash: You can redeem your earned points directly to your

  • 1. PayTM Wallet
  • 2. Shell Petro Card
  • 3. HP Petro Card and
  • 4. Indian Oil Petro Card

OLA Integration

You can now search and book OLA taxi rides when you don't find suitable matching rides in Quick Ride. You can rest assured that you will always find either a Quick Ride ride or an OLA taxi ride to reach your destination.

My Preferences

We have revamped preferences for your convenience, all preferences are grouped under "My Preferences". Few new preferences are also added.

New Improvements and features

  • 1. "Share rides with unverified users": Disable this if you don't want to share rides with unverified users.
  • 2. "Don't show my favourite route when I am inactive": Enable this when you go on vacation and we won’t disturb you with any ride matches during your vacation.
  • 3. "Don’t show taxi options": Enable this if you don’t want to search for taxi options.
  • 4. "Email preferences": Configure what kind of emails you wish to receive from us.
  • 5. "SMS preferences": Configure what kind of SMS messages you wish to receive from us.
Preference on Quick Ride
Preference on Quick Ride
Preference on Quick Ride

Preference on Quick Ride
Preference on Quick Ride
Preference on Quick Ride

Preference on Quick Ride
Preference on Quick Ride