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What is Quick Ride Carpool/ Bikepool

Bikepool is the simple practice of two individuals coming together to use a single bike for commuting. The conception of bikepooling is helping to reduce the number of private bikes across the city.

Bikepooling daily helps reduce traffic and carbon emissions by decreasing the number of bikes and vehicles on the road. It facilitates the use of the full seating capacity of a car/vehicle.

This smart solution to pollution and daily transportation has already become very popular among the office going crowd.

The largest and widest carpool/bikepool app of India Quick Ride has made the experience even better. Quick Ride makes your daily commute easy, comfortable and fast.

Bike pooling in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, which is also known as the Pearl City of India, is one of the Information Technology centres of South India. With the development of IT and other industries, the city has grown rapidly. The growth of the city has increased the number of vehicles, and it has led to a rapid increase in traffic congestion. The solution to the problem is ride-sharing.

Yes, bike pooling in Hyderabad has emerged as a smart solution for the increasing traffic congestion. Other factors such as civic body development work, metro construction has also affected the flow of traffic on the busy city roads. There is a constant increase in the number of cars on the road, and it is making the situation even worse. Commuting is a nightmare, especially in peak hours.

Bike pooling has drastically changed the way people commute. Bike pooling has turned out to be a very simple solution to a complex problem. Bike pooling has made travelling faster, as a two-wheeler can reach its destination much faster than a four-wheeler. Bike pooling makes commuting simple and fast. Quick Ride makes the overall experience even better with its advanced features and cashless payment system.

Popular bike pooling routes in Hyderabad


Nanakramguda is a financial district of Hyderabad, and it is home to business parks and special economic zones. Kukatpally is a residential suburb of the city, and this route is crowded, especially during peak hours. Despite the slightly longer distance, bike pooling has helped people to travel faster. Traffic congestion has been a problem, but bike pooling has emerged as a smart solution for the commuters. Bike pooling has made commuting fast and simple, and it has also helped to decongest the roads.

     HITEC CityKukatpally

HITEC City is the IT corridor of Hyderabad as it is filled with information technology parks. The distance between HITEC City and Kukatpally is very short, but the increasing traffic congestion has made travelling a difficult task. Too many cars on the road have resulted in slow-moving traffic, especially during peak hours. Bike pooling has made commuting a lot easier, and people can reach their destination faster. Bike pooling has helped to reduce carbon emissions and also decongest the roads.


Gachibowli is the corporate district of Hyderabad as it plays host to business parks with information technology company offices. Gachibowli is also home to the University of Hyderabad and other educational institutions. Miyapur is a residential area with upscale apartments. The distance between the two locations is around 13km, and the traffic congestion on the route is getting worse day-by-day. Bike pooling has come to the rescue of the commuters as it has drastically cut down the travel time.


Nizampet is one of the fastest-growing residential areas around the information technology corridor of Hyderabad. On the other hand, Gachibowli is home to several IT companies. With the advent of new IT parks, the vehicles on this route have increased rapidly. Bike pooling has become popular on this route as a lot of people commute from home to office and vice-versa. Bike pooling has resulted in faster travel time and less pollution. Quick Ride has made commuting simple and cashless.


Manikonda is the commercial hub and residential suburb of Hyderabad. Manikonda has developed at a rapid pace due to the advent of several software companies in the vicinity. Gachibowli is just 8km away from Manikonda, and it is a very short commute. Bike pooling has reduced travel time and expenses. Bike pooling has also played its part in reducing traffic congestion. Bike pooling with the Quick Ride app is easy and cashless. Apart from saving money and time, bike pooling also reduces harmful carbon emissions.

Quick Ride bike pooling fares in Hyderabad

Kukatpally Gachibowli 35
Nanakramguda Kukatpally 40
HITEC City Kukatpally 20
Gachibowli Miyapur 40
Nizampet Gachibowli 45
Gachibowli Manikonda 25

Note: Fares may fluctuate depending on the ride giver/taker.(1 point = 1 rupee)

Pricing Table

Discounting on base fare set is followed to address longer routes. Following table demonstrates fare for different distances.

0-5 0 3 5 20
5-10 0 3 10 40
11-15 15% 2.55 15 43
15-20 30% 2.1 20 54
21-30 35% 1.95 30 73
31-40 45% 1.65 40 90
41-50 50% 1.5 50 104
51-80 55% 1.35 80 145
81-120 60% 1.2 120 193
121-300 65% 1.05 300 382
301-500 70% 0.9 500 562
>500 70% 0.9 1000 1012

Best bike pooling app in Hyderabad

Quick Ride is the best bike pooling app in Hyderabad as it offers a cashless ride-sharing experience. With the Quick Ride app, you can find bike pool rides very easily and the best part is that you always travel with verified professionals. Quick Ride makes bike pooling very easy and convenient, and with the cashless payment system, you need not worry about carrying cash. Download the Quick Ride app to experience bike pooling in Hyderabad.

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FAQ's of Quick Ride

Quick Ride is India’s largest carpooling and bike pooling platform. The Quick Ride application facilitates ride-sharing by giving users a choice to either offer or find rides.

In simple terms, carpooling/bike pooling/ride-sharing refers to sharing empty seats in a vehicle. People commuting from one point to another can share empty seats with other passengers who are travelling on the same route.

Quick Ride is an application which allows users to share rides, share commuting costs, reduce traffic and pollution, all at the same time.
A ride giver reduces his/her commuting costs by sharing fuel expenses with other passengers.
A ride taker gets to share empty seats in ride giver’s vehicle and has a comfortable commute.

Quick Ride helps in reducing the number of vehicles on the road. Quick Ride facilitates the users to fill up the empty seats in already commuting vehicles that go empty.

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