Quick Ride Payments

Quick Ride allow users to link their favourite payment method for ride payments in a secure manner. We charge a nominal 10% of fare towards the cost of technology, services, infrastructure and support.

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Top FAQ's of Wallet

Quick Ride Platform works on a cashless system There are 2 types of points on the system. Carpool Giver can pay for carpool services in three ways:
1) Linked existing prepaid wallets to the Quick Ride registered account. Upon completion of ride, points will be debited from linked wallet.
2) Pay later with Simpl. Carpool takers can avail of 'pay later' service offered by Simpl, on the Quick Ride platform. Carpool givers can link their Simpl account with the Quick Ride account and choose to make payment for their rides within the due date set forth by Simpl. Carpool giver Redemption of points accrued by the Ride Giver is through semi-closed PPI issued by Paytm or closed-loop petro cards by Shell/HP for purchase of fuel. Mode of redemption
3) Carpool giver can also request periodic redemption of points to his/her existing wallet In both cases, the Carpool giver is paid after deducting commission(including GST) of Quick Ride Points are transferred to you by your co-riders at the end of every ride as per the per kilometer fixed rate.

Quick Ride is FREE to register and use. We charge nominal upto 10% as platform fee for each ride for using the technology. Minimum of Re. 1 is deducted as platform Fee.

Quick Ride sets a default of 4 Pts/km for pooling. However, the amount can be changed within a window of 0-6 Pts/km according to the convenience of the rider.

1 Point = 1 Rupee
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