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What is Quick Ride Carpool/ Bikepool

Bikepool is the simple practice of two individuals coming together to use a single bike for commuting. The conception of bikepooling is helping to reduce the number of private bikes across the city.

Bikepooling daily helps reduce traffic and carbon emissions by decreasing the number of bikes and vehicles on the road. It facilitates the use of the full seating capacity of a car/vehicle.

This smart solution to pollution and daily transportation has already become very popular among the office going crowd.

The largest and widest carpool/bikepool app of India Quick Ride has made the experience even better. Quick Ride makes your daily commute easy, comfortable and fast.

Bike pooling in Kerala

Kerala, also called ‘God's Own Country’ is known for its picturesque landscape and beautiful backwaters. Located in the Malabar Coast of India, Kerala is a prime attraction for tourists from all over the world. Kochi and Trivandrum are the two prominent cities of Kerala, and they are also famous for information technology parks. Trivandrum is the capital of Kerala, and it is an Information Technology hub in Kerala.

Kochi is also known as the Queen of Arabian Sea, and it is the financial, commercial and industrial capital of Kerala. Trivandrum and Kochi have come a long way when it comes to development. The advent of new industries and several IT parks has led to an increase in the number of vehicles on the roads. Although traffic congestion is not a major problem in Kerala, pollution is increasing, and it is a threat to the environment.

Bike pooling in Kerala has helped to curb down carbon emission as it has reduced the number of vehicles on the roads. Bike pooling has reduced the travel expenses and also the time is taken to travel from point A to point B. Bike pooling is easy and fast as a two-wheeler can travel faster than a car. Bike pooling with Quick Ride is very easy with a strong network of users. Bike pooling not only helps in commuting but also to preserve the lush green landscapes of Kerala, by reducing harmful carbon emissions.

Popular bike pooling routes in Kerala

     Thrippunithura Aluva

Thrippunithura is a prominent residential area in Kochi, and it is located around just 10km away from the city centre. On the other hand, Aluva is one of the major industrial centres of Kerala. The distance between Thrippunithura and Aluva is 22km, and more than traffic congestion, the distance is the main hurdle for commuting. More distance means more travel expense. Bike pooling reduces travel expenses as well as travel time. So, when bike pooling you save on money and time. But the important aspect of bike pooling is that it reduces carbon emissions and saves the environment.

     Thoppumpady Palarivattom

Thoppumpady is home to Cochin Fisheries Harbour, one of the major fishing industries in Kerala. Palarivattom is a commercial area, and it connects to some of the key locations of Kerala. The distance between Thoppumpady to Palarivattom is 15km, and bike pooling on this route saves a lot of money and time. Considering the distance of the route, bike pooling has turned out to be a convenient option for commuting. Quick Ride has made bike pooling simple and hassle-free.


Kaloor is a happening place as it is home to some of the key locations such as Trivandrum International Stadium, a metro station and much more. Infopark is the Information Technology hub of Kerala, and it is home to over 300 companies. The route is just 11km but the traffic congestion during peak hours makes commuting difficult. Bike pooling makes commuting easy and fast, and it also reduces carbon emissions.

Quick Ride bike pooling fares in Kerala

Edappally Paravoor 55
Thrippunithura Aluva 65
Thoppumpady Palarivattom 45
Kaloor Infopark 35

Note: Fares may fluctuate depending on the ride giver/taker.(1 point = 1 rupee)

Pricing Table

Discounting on base fare set is followed to address longer routes. Following table demonstrates fare for different distances.

0-5 0 3 5 15
5-10 0 3 10 30
11-15 10% 2.7 15 44
15-20 15% 2.55 20 57
21-30 25% 2.25 30 79
31-40 30% 2.1 40 100
41-50 35% 1.95 50 119
51-80 40% 1.8 80 174
81-120 50% 1.5 120 234
121-300 55% 1.35 300 477
301-500 60% 1.35 500 717
>500 70% .9 1000 1167

Best bike pooling app in Kerala

Bike pooling is becoming popular in Kerala, and Quick Ride has emerged as the best bike pooling app in Kerala. Quick Ride makes bike pooling simple and cashless. With a strong network of users, finding bike pooling rides in Kerala is as easy as it gets. The cashless transaction feature makes the whole experience even better. So, download the Quick Ride app to start bike pooling in Kerala.

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FAQ's of Quick Ride

Quick Ride is India’s largest carpooling and bike pooling platform. The Quick Ride application facilitates ride-sharing by giving users a choice to either offer or find rides.

In simple terms, carpooling/bike pooling/ride-sharing refers to sharing empty seats in a vehicle. People commuting from one point to another can share empty seats with other passengers who are travelling on the same route.

Quick Ride is an application which allows users to share rides, share commuting costs, reduce traffic and pollution, all at the same time.
A ride giver reduces his/her commuting costs by sharing fuel expenses with other passengers.
A ride taker gets to share empty seats in ride giver’s vehicle and has a comfortable commute.

Quick Ride helps in reducing the number of vehicles on the road. Quick Ride facilitates the users to fill up the empty seats in already commuting vehicles that go empty.

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