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What is Quick Ride Carpool/ Bikepool

Bikepool is the simple practice of two individuals coming together to use a single bike for commuting. The conception of bikepooling is helping to reduce the number of private bikes across the city.

Bikepooling daily helps reduce traffic and carbon emissions by decreasing the number of bikes and vehicles on the road. It facilitates the use of the full seating capacity of a car/vehicle.

This smart solution to pollution and daily transportation has already become very popular among the office going crowd.

The largest and widest carpool/bikepool app of India Quick Ride has made the experience even better. Quick Ride makes your daily commute easy, comfortable and fast.

Bike Pooling in Kolkata

The capital of West Bengal, Kolkata has got two souls in one body. The city with a soul where tradition meets with the modern rendition. This city carefully preserves the uniqueness of the character. This city is truly being known as a place where tradition meets with modern era tales and creates an ecstasy of colours. The Gateway of Eastern India, Kolkata is one of the major metropolitan cities of the country. People from various other parts of India as well as the world visit Kolkata alias Calcutta. As a result, this city has been constantly securing the title of a busy place from others. Kolkata is an important financial and business hub of the country.

The charm of Kolkata lies in the uniqueness of local culture preservation. A true Kolkatan will always sing for secularism and show perseverance towards cultural harmony. This city wakes up in the tone of Azaan and goes to sleep with the sweet hum of Carol. Thus gives birth to the city’s most unique chunk of dwellers who is famous being known as the pseudo-intellectuals. Their thought-provoking conversations kindle up revolutionary thoughts and various political conversations which may give birth to controversy. From tea time discussions to literary meet- this place will keep anybody glued with the unique characteristics of the “ City of Palace”.

The charm of Kolkata is unique which a person can understand only after visiting this place. Truly this city showcases the busy life of a corporate professional and the slow and sluggish nature of the aged population at the same time. If you are an outsider, you may get surprised by figuring out a small fact that this city carefully nurtured most modern incarnation as well as the ancient part of the city. It seems like magic but it can happen only in a city named Kolkata. One and only Indian metropolitan city where the heritage tram will cross your way in a zig-zag way along with the modern mode of transportation like bike-sharing in Kolkata. This is perhaps the best way to describe the nature of the inhabitants of the city.

Oh, how can we forget to mention about the morning and evening meeting of the Kolkata men! Newspaper, a cup of fuming tea and the refreshing and hard-hitting discussions about contemporary society, politics and whatnot. It would be a crime if someone thinks about Kolkata and forgets to mention the world-famous “Adda”. Thanks to Kolkatans for gifting the entire world this new word because of their fondness towards chit chat. From having the country’s oldest metro railway to holding the title of India’s first-ever capital city- this place has too many stories to enthral someone.

Kolkata is battling with air pollution and the rate is increasing day by day. The alarming rate of air pollution is taking place because of the small roadside eateries visible in every nook and corner of this metropolitan. The ongoing pollution rate is not keeping the dwellers of the City of Joy safe and secured. Age-old monuments and mausoleums from the old period are getting affected with the jet black coloured invisible dust particle. Most of the old monuments like Victoria Memorial and Marble Palace and all other mausoleums are struggling for their existence because of this air pollution.

The ongoing rate of traffic congestion is also adding to the woes. It is one of the reasons which is creating a havoc problem by increasing the level of Carbon-Dioxide in the environment. The recurring traffic problem is growing fast. Even after having various modes of public transportations the average stoppage time in the notorious signals is increasing. The smart chunk of the population especially the IT crowd- Kolkatan has started showing their faith towards the ride-sharing or bike- pooling in Kolkata.

Popular bike pooling routes in Kolkata


This 7 kilometres route is a horrible stretch for a commuter. It can even take more than an hour to cover this route. Ongoing East-West metro construction work has added another big bolder while completing this route. So many companies are having their offices in this way. So, a person can’t really avoid this route. Bike pooling in Kolkata comes very effectively in this way. It is one of the most popular routes among the bike poolers of Kolkata. So many youths are preferring two-wheelers over the conventional mode of transportation as it takes lesser time to reach the destination faster.


Birati is situated at the eastern most side of the greater Kolkata. Newtown is the emerging IT hub of the city. The city is expanding so as the scope of livelihood is also increasing. Those who all are migrating from outside and putting up in the city for bread and butter- most of them are inhabiting in Birati. This route is one of the busiest routes of the city but not that much far in distance. Especially those who all are travelling in this route, they are preferring the bike pooling in Kolkata.


Bike pooling in Kolkata has made lives easier for many youths. Those who all need to travel to and fro in between Shibpur to Bidhannagar they know how dangerous this route is basically. This 18 kilometres long route is full of traffic congestion and vehicles. The ongoing metro work is adding fuel to this traffic problem in a worse way. Those who all want to save their time and reach the destination on time, the option of ride-sharing is going to be the best option for them. Guess what, the concept of shared mobility saves some bucks as well for the commuters.


These two places are situated closer by but still takes too much time to commute safely. You must be thinking about why and how it happens! Courtesy goes to the number of offices, schools and colleges are situated in this place. Public transportation to public vehicles can help you to reach your destination faster than the bike pooling in Kolkata. Thanks to the concept of shared mobility, daily travellers are able to reach their destination faster. So many people are opting for this bike pooling service in Kolkata not only to save their money but also to save their precious time by taking shortcut routes.


This route is again one of the mini horror stories for the daily passengers to cover. Two farthest points of a metropolitan city can never be connected in an easy way. Through various modes of transportation are available still the stoppage time will mostly get double up with the number of traffic signals available in the route. Bike pooling is the best option for those who wish to pass this route without much hassle. Two-wheeler can easily take by-routes and not so popular shortcuts among the alleys of central Kolkata. Ride-sharing in Kolkata is there to save their time and reach office on time.

Quick Ride bike pooling fares in Kolkata

Reekjoyoni Joka 120
Kestopur Newtown 30
Birati Newtown 55
Shibpur Bidhannagar 50
Ultadanga Newtown 35
Salkia Bidhannagar 40

Note: Fares may fluctuate depending on the ride giver/taker.(1 point = 1 rupee)

Pricing Table

Discounting on base fare set is followed to address longer routes. Following table demonstrates fare for different distances.

0-5 0 3 5 20
5-10 0 3 10 30
11-15 20% 2.4 15 42
15-20 25% 2.25 20 54
21-30 50% 1.5 30 69
31-40 50% 1.5 40 84
41-50 55% 1.35 50 97
51-80 55% 1.35 80 138
81-120 60% 1.2 120 186
121-300 65% 1.05 300 375
301-500 70% .9 500 555
>500 70% 0.9 1000 1005

Best bike pooling app in Kolkata

Quick Ride is the best bike pooling app in Kolkata. It helps the users to make ride-sharing easy among the commuters. The concept of shared mobility is something new among the bike- pooler community of Kolkata. The top-notch and User-Friendly features which have made Quick Ride, the best bike-sharing app of Kolkata. Download the Quick Ride app, to make your bike pooling journey is Kolkata smarter, faster and better.

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FAQ's of Quick Ride

Quick Ride is India’s largest carpooling and bike pooling platform. The Quick Ride application facilitates ride-sharing by giving users a choice to either offer or find rides.

In simple terms, carpooling/bike pooling/ride-sharing refers to sharing empty seats in a vehicle. People commuting from one point to another can share empty seats with other passengers who are travelling on the same route.

Quick Ride is an application which allows users to share rides, share commuting costs, reduce traffic and pollution, all at the same time.
A ride giver reduces his/her commuting costs by sharing fuel expenses with other passengers.
A ride taker gets to share empty seats in ride giver’s vehicle and has a comfortable commute.

Quick Ride helps in reducing the number of vehicles on the road. Quick Ride facilitates the users to fill up the empty seats in already commuting vehicles that go empty.

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