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What is Quick Ride - Carpool / Bikepool

Carpooling is the simple practice of different individuals coming together to use a single car for commuting. The conception of carpooling and bike pooling is helping to reduce the number of private vehicles across the city.

Carpooling daily helps reduce traffic and carbon emissions by decreasing the number of vehicles on the road. It facilitates the use of the full seating capacity of a car/vehicle.

This smart solution to pollution and daily transportation has already become very popular among the office going crowd.

The largest and widest carpool app of India Quick Ride has made the experience even better. Quick Ride makes your daily commute easy, comfortable and fast.

Why Carpool in Delhi- NCR

The capital of India has observed a significant number of population increase in the past few years. It’s the most populated metropolitan city of the country. From the Supreme Court to foreign embassies- Delhi is the hub of all administrative organizations.

This population explosion has paved the path for traffic congestion. The way it’s increasing day by day that’s alarming! Is there any way to beat this terrific traffic jam? The concept of a carpool can be the solution to this eternal problem. Carpooling is all about the seats of your private vehicle with other passengers.

Carpooling in Delhi- NCR has become a household name. With the ongoing extension of this city, the typical methods of transportation do not always suffice. Commuting during peak hours is an uphill task. Carpooling has made it easy so it can be called as the rescuer for the office going population

Carpooling has created a revolution among commuters. This service helps them to reduce their travel expenses and save some extra time from their hectic schedule. The national capital has recently topped the chart of most polluted cities across the globe. The concept of a carpool can be a solution to this.

Popular carpooling routes in Delhi- NCR

     Karol BaghAnand Vihaar

Karol Bagh is known as an amazing shopping place. It's the half description of this place. Office commuters do need to take this route daily. So, the number of people opt for this particular route is quite difficult to count.

This 24 km long route is a mini nightmare for the daily commuters. Unfortunately, much-coveted Delhi Metro is also unable to cover this route. Carpool is becoming a sustainable alternative which can reduce the cost and journey time. Of course, a commuter can expect a comfortable journey while carpooling in this way.

     Central DelhiGurgaon

Daily near about 1 hr 30 minutes travelling is very tedious for sure! Unfortunately, there is no room for taking a single vehicle and cover this 36 km long route. Carpooling has arrived as an excellent first-mile connectivity solution for those who are looking for only one vehicle to reach the destination.

The concept of carpooling is becoming famous day by day in this route. First of all, a commuter does not need to worry about changing the mode of transportation and secondly it saves a hefty amount of sum for them. On top of that, carpooling helps in reducing traffic congestion and saves the heavily polluted environment to some extent.

     ITO CrossingPahar Gang

Both the places or the terminal points are situated at the heart of Delhi. People coming from greater Delhi also need to halt in Pahar Gang sometimes to catch trains from the famous Pahar Gang station.

This 9 km route mostly witnesses horrible traffic congestion at peak hours. Daily commuters are switching to the carpool system as it helps them to save money and time. They can reach their destination on time. Of course, this carpooling is effectively helping to reduce the pollution problem of Delhi.

     Kashmiri GateNoida

This route is one of the most crucial routes in Delhi as it connects to the IT sector of the national capital. Travelling on this 34 km long route in peak traffic hours is really a tiresome task.

You will get stuck at traffic for sure. Even if you are planning to drive your own vehicle, you won't be able to overcome traffic congestion. Carpooling can be an effective solution to beat the traffic of the rush hours and contribute towards a less polluted Delhi.

     Janpath MarketNoida

This 26 km long route mostly remains full of traffic congestion. The irony is that most of the offices are situated in this stretch and that’s what it is the paradise of traffic congestion of the city!

There is no single route is available for daily commute if someone wants to opt for the public transportation system. Here come the carpooling and bike pooling service to rescue the daily travellers. It takes approximately 2 hrs for a person to cover both the ending points in carpooling or private vehicle.

Quick Ride carpooling fares in Delhi- NCR

Lajpat Nagar Janpath Market 29
Karol Bagh/td> Anand Vihaar 60
Central Delhi Gurgaon 119
ITO Crossing Pahar Gang 36
Kashmiri Gate Noida 115
Janpath Market Noida 85

Note: Fares may fluctuate depending on the ride giver/taker.(1 point = 1 rupee)

Intercity carpooling from Delhi-NCR

The Capital of India is certainly the busiest metropolitan of India. This city observes innumerable footfall from the visitors. Most of them to visit Delhi-NCR for official purpose or anything related to their business. The concept of ride-sharing within the city limit is already successful. It has expanded the operations outside the city limits as well. The largest ride-sharing platform of the country, Quick Ride has already started intercity carpooling in Delhi-NCR. The most affordable option of roaming outside of the city by sharing fuel cost is awesome. With the most modern features and options of posting the ride request without paying a single penny is popular among the travellers. It reduces the carbon-emission which is much needed in a city like Delhi-NCR.

Popular intercity carpooling routes & fares

Delhi-NCR Agra 398
Delhi-NCR Jaipur 463
Delhi-NCR Chandigarh 411
Delhi-NCR Lucknow 797
Delhi-NCR Amritsar 669

Note: Fares may fluctuate depending on the ride giver/taker.(1 point = 1 rupee)

Airport Carpool in Delhi-NCR

Carpooling to the Airport is the best option if you are looking for a comfortable ride at a minimum cost then you should definitely book your cab from Quick Ride. The distance from Delhi City Centre to the Airport is about 17km and the cab fare can be really expensive especially during peak hours and also it can get very difficult to get a taxi as well. There is no reason why you shouldn’t start carpooling to the Airport

Pricing Table

Discounting on base fare set is followed to address longer routes. Following table demonstrates fare for different distances.

0-5 0 4 5 20
5-10 0 4 10 40
11-15 20% 3.2 15 56
15-20 25% 3 20 71
21-30 50% 2 30 91
31-40 50% 2 40 111
41-50 55% 1.8 50 129
51-80 55% 1.8 80 183
81-120 60% 1.6 120 247
121-300 65% 1.4 300 499
301-500 70% 1.2 500 739
>500 70% 1.2 1000 1339
Carpool App, User Testiminoals

"Hassle Free mode of office travel. It is much cheaper and comfy option compared to public transport. Environmental Friendly initiative."

Abhishek Ray
Wipro Technologies

Carpool App, User Testiminoals

"Quick Ride one of the best solutions to get rid of unwanted traffic and help people in commuting better and efficient way. Nice and Quick app with quick process.. Totally Hassle Free."

Mayank Goel
Nokia Networks

Best carpooling app in Delhi- NCR

Quick Ride has come up as the best carpooling app in Delhi-NCR. Quick Ride makes commuting in Delhi-NCR easy, swift and cashless. Advanced features of Quick Ride makes carpooling hassle-free and this is one of the reasons why Quick Ride provides the best carpooling experience in Delhi-NCR. Download the Quick Ride app to explore the world of bike pooling and carpool.

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FAQ's of Quick Ride

Quick Ride is India’s largest carpooling and bike pooling platform. The Quick Ride application facilitates ride-sharing by giving users a choice to either offer or find rides.

In simple terms, carpooling/bike pooling/ride-sharing refers to sharing empty seats in a vehicle. People commuting from one point to another can share empty seats with other passengers who are travelling on the same route.

Quick Ride is an application which allows users to share rides, share commuting costs, reduce traffic and pollution, all at the same time.
A ride giver reduces his/her commuting costs by sharing fuel expenses with other passengers.
A ride taker gets to share empty seats in ride giver’s vehicle and has a comfortable commute.

Quick Ride helps in reducing the number of vehicles on the road. Quick Ride facilitates the users to fill up the empty seats in already commuting vehicles that go empty.