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Carpooling in Kolkata

Carpooling is the simple practice of different individuals coming together to use a single car for commuting. The conception of carpooling and bike pooling is helping to reduce the number of private vehicles across the city.

Carpooling daily helps reduce traffic and carbon emissions by decreasing the number of vehicles on the road. It facilitates the use of the full seating capacity of a car/vehicle.

This smart solution to pollution and daily transportation has already become very popular among the office going crowd.

The largest and widest carpool app of India Quick Ride has made the experience even better. Quick Ride makes your daily commute easy, comfortable and fast.

Carpooling in Kolkata

The Cultural Capital of India has its unique charm. A city with a soul where tradition meets with modern era tales and creates an ecstasy of colours. The capital of West Bengal is one of the major metropolitan cities of India and the Gateway of Eastern India. Kolkata is an important political, economic and business hub of the country. People from different cities visit here almost daily. As a result, this city has emerged as one of the busiest cities of the country.

From tradesmen to academician this place has been receiving footfalls of all the eminent personalities irrespective of the nature of the occupation. The pseudo-intellectual part of the population has made this place as the country’s birthplace of revolutionary thoughts and literary meets. Travellers across the globe do visit Kolkata to feel the charm of modern India where an ancient India lies secretly.

The charm of Kolkata is something which a person can understand only after visiting that particular place. Truly this city showcases the busy life of a corporate professional and the slow and sluggish nature of the aged inhabitants in the same frame. The city charges herself up when the residents bring cups of fuming tea and start discussing the political scenario. The world already has adopted a new word because of the chatty nature of the people residing in this place.

Yes, who is not well aware of the word “Adda”. Kolkata is evidently preserving two incarnations in one form since the very beginning. One and only Indian metropolitan city where the heritage tram will cross your way in a zig-zag way along with the modern mode of transportation. From having the country’s oldest metro railway to holding the title of India’s first-ever capital city- this place has too many stories to fascinate someone. After stepping into this metropolitan city only a person can relate to the charm of the place. A city where contemporary and past time dwell together peacefully.

The modern era Kolkata is battling against a deadly disease with the ongoing rate of air pollution. The City of Joy is actually not in joy because of the pollution level. This city is famous for its monuments and mausoleums from the old period. The world-famous Victoria Memorial and Marble palace are made out of premium quality marbles in the British era. According to recent reports, the outer core or part of these buildings are turning into grey.

The reason behind this recent notorious development is occurring because of the excessive presence of Carbon Dioxide in the environment. Traffic congestion is something which is associated with the life of a Calcuttan alias Kolkatan. Thanks to the advancement of Information Technology sector and all other industries getting operated from this place the traffic jam has become already horrendous! The average stoppage time in major traffic signals has taken a leap to almost twice in recent times.

The recurring traffic problem is growing so rapidly that even after having various mode of public transportation this traffic problem is taking a turn in a worse way! Here comes the option of carpool in Kolkata as the rescuer for the city people. Quick Ride is making this ride-sharing option smarter, faster and better. The major relief is a user can go cashless by paying digitally after completion of the ride.

Popular carpooling routes in Kolkata

     Gitanjali ParkParnasree

The number of people commuting between Gitanjali Park to Parnarshree is very high as Gitanjali Park is the largest IT Park situated in Kolkata as well as Eastern India. Carpooling has emerged as the numero-uno solution for people who wants to cover this route is a faster, smarter and better way. Carpooling is the most effective way to keep the frowning of ongoing air-pollution at a bay.

     Candor TechspaceJoka

Candor Techspace to Joka this 29 km long route is the other name of mini-horror for the daily commuters! Opting for public vehicles for such a long route can be proven very painful. Driving such a long-distance on day to day basis while beating the traffic is a tedious task. Here comes the solution which is nothing but a carpool service to cover this distance.

     BarasatSalt Lake Sector 5

Barsat is a part of the greater- Kolkata and situated far away from the prime areas of Kolkata. Salt Lake Sector 5 is the main IT hub of the city. This Salt Lake sector 5 being the IT hub has various gateways which lead to the insane amount of traffic congestion in this route. Carpooling in this rate has effectively curbed down the number of private cars which helps to control the traffic jam effectively.


This 55 km long route almost feels like travelling to some other planet. So how difficult a daily commuter’s life can be while covering this route! The ongoing work of road construction and expansion of Kolkata Metro lines are acting like two catalysts to kindle up the problem of traffic congestion. Here comes the carpool app in Kolkata to save an office goers life. The concept of ridesharing is highly effective to reduce the number of private vehicles plying on the road.


Tollygunge is situated at the southern part of the city. Ecospace is situated at the farthest corner of Newtown. Connecting both the extreme points while avoiding the traffic congestion is always a challenging task for the travellers. Plenty of buses and autos are running in this route but that does not even suffice half of the office goers. Popular carpooling apps in Kolkata are playing a great role to help commuters travel in a hassle-free Way. Keeping a check on the city’s air- pollution rate and increasing rate of population carpooling is the best solution.

Quick Ride carpooling fares in Kolkata

Ecospace Bantala 46
Gitanjali Park Parnasree 63
Candor Techspace Joka 85
Barasat Salt Lake Sector 5 69
Bally Bantala 119
Tollygunge Ecospace 75

Note: Fares may fluctuate depending on the ride giver/taker.(1 point = 1 rupee)

Intercity carpooling from Kolkata

The City of Joy is certainly a place where everyone rushes to accomplish their daily 9-5 schedule. The ride-sharing concept of this place is highly appreciated by the dwellers. The second biggest metropolitan of India is well-connected with other means of public transportation but still, the local office-goers do prefer to carpool. The popularity of the ride-sharing method has made most of the shared mobility based platforms to start their intercity carpooling in Kolkata. Quick Ride helps the users to travel outside of the city limitation with their intercity service. This is probably the most affordable option of heading outside of the city limitation as you need to share the fuel cost with the co-travellers. Quick Ride comes with a plethora of most modern features to make your journey better. The best part is that a user can pay digitally and they do not need to pay anything in advance before starting their ride.

Popular intercity carpooling routes & fares

Kolkata Digha 299
Kolkata Asansol 370
Kolkata Kharagpur 265
Kolkata Durgapur 311
Kolkata Puri 728

Note: Fares may fluctuate depending on the ride giver/taker.(1 point = 1 rupee)

Airport Carpool in Kolkata

Carpooling to the Airport is the best option if you are looking for a comfortable ride at a minimum cost then you should definitely book your cab from Quick Ride. The distance from Kolkata City Centre to the Airport is about 15km and the cab fare can be really expensive especially during peak hours and also it can get very difficult to get a taxi as well. There is no reason why you shouldn’t start carpooling to the Airport

Pricing Table

Discounting on base fare set is followed to address longer routes. Following table demonstrates fare for different distances.

0-5 0 4 5 20
5-10 0 4 10 40
11-15 20% 3.2 15 56
15-20 25% 3 20 71
21-30 50% 2 30 91
31-40 50% 2 40 111
41-50 55% 1.8 50 129
51-80 55% 1.8 80 183
81-120 60% 1.6 120 247
121-300 65% 1.4 300 499
301-500 70% 1.2 500 739
>500 70% 1.2 1000 1339

Best carpooling app in Kolkata

Quick Ride has become the best carpooling app in Kolkata. Quick Ride makes commuting in Kolkata easy, fast and cashless. Advanced features of Quick Ride make carpooling easier and it is one of the reasons why Quick Ride offers the best carpooling experience in Kolkata. Download the Quick Ride app to explore the world of carpooling and bike pooling.

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FAQ's of Quick Ride

Quick Ride is India’s largest carpooling and bike pooling platform. The Quick Ride application facilitates ride-sharing by giving users a choice to either offer or find rides.

In simple terms, carpooling/bike pooling/ride-sharing refers to sharing empty seats in a vehicle. People commuting from one point to another can share empty seats with other passengers who are travelling on the same route.

Quick Ride is an application which allows users to share rides, share commuting costs, reduce traffic and pollution, all at the same time.
A ride giver reduces his/her commuting costs by sharing fuel expenses with other passengers.
A ride taker gets to share empty seats in ride giver’s vehicle and has a comfortable commute.

Quick Ride helps in reducing the number of vehicles on the road. Quick Ride facilitates the users to fill up the empty seats in already commuting vehicles that go empty.

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