About Offer

Give a ride to a total of 30 passengers and Win upto 200 Extra Fuel Points!


    The offer counts number of passengers and not rides, so same ride taker in your morning and evening ride will be counted as two passengers in the day, also if you take two passengers in a single ride, they will be counted as two passengers for that ride. On completing the set target, you will receive a reward amount of anything between 0-200 fuel points distributed proportionally among all winners of the week.

How to get more passengers ?

  • Schedule your rides in advance, create recurring rides.
  • Enable auto confirmation, so you don’t miss a single invite.
  • Proactively offer invite to all matches on your route.
  • Set Price/Km between 3-4 points per km.
  • Ensure you have a 100% complete and verified profile.

Terms & Conditions:

  • The offer is applicable to riders who got this email and notification.
  • Give ride to the set target of passengers in this week and earn upto 200 extra redeemable fuel points.
  • The fuel points will be automatically be credited in your Quick Ride wallet under Earned Points section by Tuesday of the following week.
  • The winners will win get fuel points between 0-200, proportionally credit by the system.
  • The offer is applicable only to riders with a verified profile.
  • The offer valid for only to till the end of this week.
  • Company reserves the right to modify or withdraw any time.
  • The company reserves the right to not credit the fuel points incase of any fraudulent activity in any rider’s account.

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