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Our Journey So Far

Rides Shared

21 Million+

Kilometers Shared

190 Million+

CO2 Prevented

46,000 Tons


2 Million+



Available for iOS & Android

Why Quick Ride

Growing population lead to more vehicles on the road thus increasing traffic congestion and pollution. Quick Ride app connects people travelling on same route and same time. It helps to identify matches, connect instantly, communicate and share costs in cashless way.


For Your Organisation

Shared mobility is the future. Do you need carpool solution for your organization, city or country. Why to reinvent the wheel again? Quick Ride can help you to achieve your goal.


Carpool app for your organisation

Shared mobility is the future

Quick Ride addressed the challenges elegantly with world class user experience

Riders (Offer Ride)

Riders and ride takers were matched up via a algorithm based on pickup an dropoff location


Ride Takers (Find Ride)

Ride takers can choose to only be matched with co-workers or riders or filter their option, among other things.


  Verified Users

Quick Ride allows you to verify your number and email address easily through the app or through your office email address.

  Cashless Transactions

Our app allows transactions to be seamless and error free. No price changes after you sit in the car or anywhere else to worry about.

  Instant Communication

Found a ride that works for you? You can choose to call, SMS or just text them through the in-built chat in our app to confirm pickup and drop points in an instant.

  Encash Ride Points

Once you’ve earned Ride Points you can decide what to do with it. You can transfer them to your PayTM wallet or use them to fill fuel through a TMW Card.

We work with the biggest.

  • wipro
  • tcs
  • cognizant
  • ibm
  • infosys

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